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Our challenge

​​“How can we successfully activate employees regarding our new Digital Operating Model?”

The approach

  • We developed a blended multiplayer Serious Game to tackle this challenge. In the game, players take on the role of product owner, lead developer, business analyst or SME in the Hydrogen Connection chain team. Spread out over multiple phases, the team is charged with defining the first hydrogen connection.
  • Each role view matters through its own, personal lens and has individual targets that need to be achieved without losing sight of the shared goal. The team can only arrive at the right process definition by sharing information and making the right choices. 
  • After every round, the team pitches its status to a facilitator (the product manager). He or she asks critical questions and reflects on decisions made.
  • After the game has ended, the team reflects on its in-game experiences and shares the practical learnings gained.

The result

The game is being deployed per wave to support the implementation of Stedin’s Digital Operating Model.

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