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omring hendriks escape room

Our challenge

Omring asked us, “How can we inform and inspire our employees concerning the use of technology in the care sector?”

The approach

In co-creation with Omring’s project team, we created an online multiplayer escape room that can be deployed during events and learning programs. The game has the following properties:

  • Players are required to solve five challenges in 45 minutes, ultimately arriving at the best possible technological solution for a fictional patient called Hendrik. (Watch the video for more information.)
  • In addition to the aptness of the case presented, the look and feel of the game was also recognizable to Omring employees. Its air of familiarity was created by having the furnishing of a revalidation room feature in various puzzles.
  • By working with a specialized Fresh Game Studio team and customizing a previously developed game, we were able to move from the first brainstorming session to final delivery within just eight weeks.  
  • During this short period, nurses were involved to make suggestions about the game’s content. We also tested the game among its intended target audience multiple times, validating its concept and gameplay as it was being developed.

The result

A challenging game that playfully gives players an experience of technology in the care sector. Scoring an NPS of 9 and with an additional rollout at health insurer VGZ, we feel we have good reason to be proud of the result.

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