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Fresh gaME sTUDIO Analysis PARALYSIS

Our challenge

With Analysis Paralysis we answer the question: “Can we use a surprising way to enhance the knowledge and expertise of our HR professionals regarding fact-based decision-making?”

Our approach

Analysis Paralysis is a Serious Game that is exceptionally suitable as a tool to kickstart a conversation about fact-based decision-making. The game is played by small groups of between four and six players. We recommend playing the game with multiple groups at the same time. Including the time spent on its introduction and a post-game debriefing, it lasts between 75 and 90 minutes.

BrightBase, a large, international organization, has come under fire from the media following an anonymous interview with a resentful, former manager. The current team is charged with helping BrightBase’s CEO to prepare an adequate, fact-based explanation of the situation to quench the media’s thirst for blood.

During the game, players experience the most prevalent pitfalls and challenges of adopting a data-driven mindset, illustrating the importance of always thinking critically when working with business models.

The result

  • Players were acquainted with HR Analytics
  • Players learned to think critically and apply a data-driven mindset
  • Players experienced the most prevalent pitfalls and challenges of working with fact-based decision-making
  • Players experienced a true sense of togetherness, while at the same time having a lot of fun

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