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Digital transformation

In a rapidly changing, digital environment, organizations are forced to keep innovating!

We live in a rapidly changing, digital world faced with numerous societal issues and the shifting behavior of customers and citizens. As a result, public and private organizations are forced to innovate. Of course, digitization and the digital transformation play a key role in this.


Innovation stretches beyond the renewal of technology or delivering added value through digital means; rather, it concerns a more fundamental innovation of an organization’s business model, as well as its operational direction. The digital transformation is pushing organizations to think from the inside out, to be flexible, and to work in a data-driven manner.

Serious Games give organizations and employees the opportunity to help understand the necessity and meaning of this transformation, and to experience and develop appropriate attitudes and skillsets, such as customer-orientation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

We have deployed our own “off-the-shelf” game, Analysis Paralysis, at multiple organizations (such as NS, ABN AMRO, Capital One Financial Corporation, and General Electric) to give employees an experience of data-driven working and decision-making processes. For net operator Stedin, we developed a game to involve employees in the organization’s new digital operating model. The game was used to give employees insight into how their new model would affect their job, responsibilities, and behavior.

Play is the perfect way to train the necessary flexibility, critical thinking, and customer-orientation required to deal with the digital transformation. 

Let’s meet to discuss how games can be used to help your organization change!



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