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Arcadis Quality of life

The challenge

Arcadis grew a lot in recent years, partly by subsuming other companies. To safeguard the quality of its service and the continued satisfaction of its customers, the organization rolled out one set of best practices, which, supported by an IT system, were to be employed globally. They asked Fresh Forces to develop a game to introduce its managers and employees to this set of best practices, known as The Arcadis Way.

The approach

The game combines a central IT system that records all processes and a set of best practices concerning Arcadis’ preferred way of working and the expectations it has regarding employees’ behavior. The emphasis in the game was on the latter.

In the game, Quality of Life, players are asked to blow new life into fictional city, Rila. For this, we developed a representation of the primary process, with its associated roles, such as account leader, project manager, engineer, and so on. Players are also able to take on the role of one of the customers. Everyone must work together to realize important projects for the city, thereby helping it to flourish in the 21st century.

In the process, players encounter the company most significant challenges and experience dynamics related to working at such a sale to delivery company , the efficient managing of projects and co-creation with customers. During and after the game, players reflect on their way of working, what behavior they displayed, and how their behavior measures up in relation to the best practices set out in The Arcadis Way.

The result

The game was launched at the 2016 edition of the Global Leadership Forum in Berlin. Supervised by their own facilitators, who were trained by Fresh Forces, 150 of the top managers played the game in 15 parallel game runs. The 15 game kits were subsequently used to roll the game out globally within the organization as part of the implementation of The Arcadis Way.


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