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"You learn more in one hour of play, than in years of talking"

This statement is at the heart of how we use Serious Games and playful solutions to help organizations face modern-day challenges.

Our world is rapidly changing. As a result, many organizations are in a state of transition. They simply must change. But the destination is still unknown. As a result, many organizations and their employees are currently experiencing uncertainty and a lack of clarity. No one knows exactly which steps are required and which skillsets need to be developed to become “future-proof”. 

If you’re unclear about the competencies your future organization will require, we recommend looking at what you’ll need to survive the transition, because these requirements are known. Qualities such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving will be paramount to survival. These competencies can be learned and trained using Serious Games. In fact, this is precisely what Serious Games excel at!

At our Fresh Game Studio we develop Serious Games and playful solutions that organizations can use to give their employees a safe, yet impactful environment in which to experiment with these competencies. Games create a sense of overview and can provide immediate feedback concerning players’ behavior, making them extremely effective learning tools during times characterized by complex change.

Our <i>Serious Games</i>

Our Serious Games

In the customized games we create for our clients, we translate their organizational context into an abstract, but recognizable metaphor. Think of them as miniature versions of reality. This enables employees to experience the impact of change, large or small, within their own, recognizable (work) context.

On top of this, we also develop our own “Fresh Games. These are scalable, “off-the-shelf” solutions in which we playfully delve into themes relevant to countless organizations. Examples are data-driven working, diversity and inclusion, and remote working.

Our team of <i> professionals</i>

Our team of professionals

Our multidisciplinary team of designers, producers, developers, and learning specialists is primed to co-creatively create the desired learning effect for you. And our network of effective entrepreneurs and change facilitators means we have all the support we need to guarantee your game’s success.


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