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Rabobank Beyond The Money

Our challenge

Rabobank asked us: “How can we effectively, innovatively, and playfully train our employees to apply Customer Due Diligence (CDD) standards?”

De Nederlandsche Bank (the Netherlands’ central bank) considers banks the gatekeepers of the financial system. As gatekeepers, they are charged with combating financial crime, such as whitewashing and the financing of terrorist activities. To fulfill their role, Rabobank employees need to be up to date concerning sanction regulations, standards, and procedures, and they must know how to effectively employ them.

The approach

In co-creation with Rabobank, we developed an expansive, blended development program consisting of ten interventions. The program was not only concerned with developing knowledge, but also made space for raising awareness and skillset development. E-learning was one of the program’s most important components, which was combined with an online game, Beyond the Money.

Beyond the Money was built to look like an interactive Netflix series, in which player choices guide the story’s development. Although the situations players encounter and the choices they need to make during the game mirror the realities of their daily practice, they come at them from a different perspective, such as that of an investor, a quiz participant, or a futuristic “RaboCop”.

The result

The program we developed was used to train more than 3,000 people at 31 different locations worldwide. The target audience was varied, consisting of both front-office employees and CDD analysts. All players played the same game, however, regardless of their job or role within the organization. The program was received incredibly well and is still being used by Rabobank as an example of how to innovatively train employees.

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