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Blindspot: The first version of the game

This blog covers our development progress in creating a scalable digital game about unconscious biases. In Blindspot 2.0 you will step into the shoes of a team of investigators. It is up to you to solve as series of mysteries that is taking place on hidden island. Each mystery contains suspects that are highly biased. Figuring out how this biases work are key in solving the mystery. Playing this game provides the player with insights in the workings of these biases. The game acts as a stepping stone for an valuable discussion about the presence of biases in real life.

In our last blog we updated you with our learnings in testing the game in a multiplayer setting (LINK). While we are implementing these changes in the current game build we are also working towards the launch of a first version of the game.

What features will be included?


  • Online platform: A scalable online game which can be accessed by e-mail or game code though your browser. Your employees don’t need to install an app or create an account. Purchasing a game license will provide company access based on your e-mail domain.
  • Episode based gameplay: The Blindspot mystery game is a platform in which player can experience the stories of team searchlight; the team of investigators on Project Future. Each episode stands on its own and contains a mystery concerning a specific bias.
  • Two levels at launch: The first release will contain two levels:
    • Level 1, which also acts as a tutorial will contain a similarity bias.
    • Level 2 ups the challenge with two biases to uncover: the authority bias and the halo effect.
    • Each level contains a specific storyline introduced by a video and a reflection where the bias is connected to a real life context.
  • More underway: We have the ambition to add more levels in the coming months. Currently level 3 is under construction in co-creation with some guest writers.
  • Co-create new levels with us! We are also open for ideas and suggestions on topics for future levels. We highly appreciate your ideas and insights for this!
  • Debriefing module: After playing the game we want to strengthen the learning effect by letting the players discuss what they have learned about the biases in the game. Also they will together identify where these biases are present at their own workspace and devise a strategy to diminish the effects. The ingame debriefing module will support this discussion.
  • English first, more languages to come. The game platform provides the opportunity to play the game in multiple languages. The current version is in English but we can provide additional languages when required.

Naturally we are very excited to get finally get this product out there. And also we are eager to learn where we can improve and grow. That is why we will set up a monitoring tool to channel all your feedback and suggestions back to us for further development.

The final release dates, pricing and product specifics will be communicated in our newsletter and website, so stay tuned!